IEEE JCC 2020 Call For Papers

JointCloud is used to refer to but not limited to Hybrid-Cloud, Inter-Cloud, Multi-Cloud, Cloud Federation, Cross-Cloud and Cloud Service Broker (CSB) etc.


  • The architecture of JointCloud

  • Architecture of collaboration between public and private clouds, between different public clouds, and between public and edge clouds etc.

  • Principles, theoretical foundations of the collaboration in JointCloud, and the software-defined collaboration services in JointCloud Computing.

  • As a complex software system, the inherent mechanism and new methodologies of the constructional evolution of the JointCloud ecosystem.

  • The software-defined interoperating rules and frameworks for resources (including computation, storage and network etc.), services, data and API.

  • Blockchain-based Distributed Ledger Mechanism for JointCloud Computing, supporting value exchange among various stakeholders, as well as monitoring and auditing of JointCloud services.

  • Supporting techniques for JointCloud

  • Connectivity management of JointCloud infrastructures (e.g., heterogeneous public clouds, private clouds and edge clouds).

  • Management and scheduling strategies in JointCloud (e.g., load balancing and workload offloading when cloud-bursting, multi-cloud storage resource scheduling, performance optimization, security and privacy policy enforcement).

  • Computation unit (e.g. Containers and Virtual Machines) migration across several heterogeneous cloud infrastructures.

  • Scalable JointCloud monitor and audit: monitoring among different cloud environments; evaluating and auditing the behaviors of stakeholders in JointCloud ecosystem.

  • Blockchain-based security mechanism in JointCloud: distributed identity and access management across multiple heterogeneous infrastructure boundaries, reconciling application security and privacy requirements across multiple SLAs on the basis of SmartContract.

  • Systems and applications of JointCloud

  • Agile customization of virtual JointCloud computing environment: rapid construction of specifically virtual computing environment, dynamic application deployment across multiple cloud platforms, flexibility in moving between different providers and vendors.

  • JointCloud reference implementation, SDKs and APIs: prototypes design, open source implementation, experiment and performance evaluation.

  • Application portability: priorities, restrictions, and lock-in mitigation techniques and measures.

  • Applications cases: assembling and (re)deploying in heterogeneous multi-cloud environments; costs and benefits of cross-cloud management and deployment; challenges in existing inter-cloud and CSB platforms; practical experiences in hybrid and federated cloud systems.

Paper Submission

  • All submissions should follow the IEEE Double Column Format. Each submission of full papers can have up to 8 pages, while the submission of short, demo or industry papers is limeted up to 4 pages. Short, demo or industry papers are the works that make significant contributions, but are still in progress, or works of smaller scale that can be reported briefly. If the submission is accepted for publication, up to 2 over-length pages may be purchased for the final camera-ready version. Submissions should NOT be blinded for review. The submission Web page for IEEE JCC 2020 is .


All accepted and presented papers will be published by IEEE, and will be indexed by EI Compendex. Distinguished papers presented at the conference, after further revision, will be published in special issues of selected journals.

  • IEEE Transactions on Emerging Topics in Computing, Special Section on Scalable Computing for Blockchain Systems (SCI, IF=4.989)

  • China Communications, Future Topic, Vol. 17, No. 9, 2020. Blockchain for Internet of Things (SCI, IF=1.882)

  • SCIENCE CHINA Information Sciences (SCIS, IF: 2.731)

Important Dates

  • Full paper submission date:21-Dec-2019

  • Full paper submission date:04-Jan-2020

  • Notification of acceptance date:15-Feb-2020

  • Final paper submission date:28-Feb-2020

  • Meeting in Oxford, UK, 13-16 April 2020

Important Notice Welcome to the IEEE International Conferences of SOSE/BDS/MC/ DAPPS/AITest/JCC 2020