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Aug 20, 2020:

Congratulations to the authors of the best paper!

After careful review by the evaluation committee, the best paper selected from all the participating papers is:

Ju Xing, Zexun Jiang, Jun Li and Hao Yin, Jupiter:  A Modern Federated Learning Platform for Regional Medical Care.


Aug 02, 2020:

Welcome to the IEEE International Conferences of SOSE/BDS/MC/DAPPS/AITest/JCC 2020

The following table is the IEEE JCC Program Schedule:

1. The conferences' virtual space will officially open tomorrow morning from 8:00am British Summer Time(China Standard Time: 15:00pm). And, a Virtual Reception will also start from 10:00am (BST) tomorrow. The following is the URL of the Virtual Space of the joint conferences:

2. The platform for the live sessions of the conference is Zoom. The following are the links for the Zoom rooms for the joint plenary sessions and regular paper presentation sessions of various conferences:

-- JCC Session Room:

-- Plenary Sessions Room:

-- SOSE Sessions Room:

-- BigDataServices Session Room:

-- MobileCloud Session Room:

-- DAPPS Session Room:

-- AITest Session Room:

-- Lodge 1 (Reception and social networking):

-- Lodge 2 (Social networking):

3. A Slack channel for emergent communications to conference participants. The link to join the Slack channel is:
Looking forward to meeting you online at the conferences.

Jul 27, 2020:

Be aware of the Time Zone differences
All times show on the Moodle website for JCC (  are in British Summer Time, which is UTC +1. 

Please convert the time to your local time zone to participate in the online events.

The organizing committee of IEEE JCC 2020

Jul 24, 2020:

Panel title: Joint Edge Computing: Case Studies, Challenges, and Future Directions
Informal description to help panelists prepare:  What does an Edge node look like/consist of?  What kind of use cases? How do we federate edge nodes? How do we process across them? How do we schedule across them? How do we store data across them? When do we “cloudburst” to a central data centre?  Can we federate a private Edge with a public Cloud and how would we do this?  How do “mobile cloud” challenges like IoT device location get integrated into a “Joint Edge” system?

Jun 26, 2020:

IEEE JCC 2020 Will Move to Online
   Dear authors and participants of IEEE JCC 2020,
   IEEE JCC 2020 and the co-located conferences will be held online. The exact online way of the conference will be announced very soon.
     ●   It is approved by IEEE that the conference will become online only. This means no physical attendance to the conference. It is due to the Covid-19 pandemic that international travel and large scale gathering is still not feasible.
     ●   Accommodation booking can be refunded after deduction of 10% fees that the conferences have already paid to third parties for bank transactions and online registration fees. Directions on how to make a request of refund will follow shortly.
     ●   We are still working with IEEE to set a new budget for the online events. It is expected to adjust the authors registration fees as well as non-authors registration fees. Once the budget is approved, refunding of a part of the paid registration fees will take place. Please be patient with us.
     ●   The conference technical programmes will be rescheduled to fit with the online event requirements, especially to take into considerations of timezone differences of the participants. In order for a paper to be included in the IEEE’s digital library, the authors will be required to upload their recorded presentations as well as to attend online sessions remotely through an online conferencing facility, like Zoom, Google Meet, etc. Details will follow.
     ●   The conference proceedings will be available for preview before the conference. It is planned to be online for conference participants to view and download from 8th July 2020.
   Best Wishes,
   The organizing committee of IEEE JCC 2020

Mar 14, 2020:

Notification of New dates of IEEE JCC 2020
   We now have the new dates of the conference IEEE JCC 2020. It is from the 3rd to 6th August, 2020. The venue is the same, i.e. Keble College.
   Accommodation bookings do NOT need to be cancelled, as the local chair Prof. Hong will provide a facility to convert it to the new dates soon.
   In order to prepare to apply for visa again, A new invitation letter can be asked from Prof. Hong (

Mar 11, 2020:

Notification of postponement of IEEE JCC 2020
   Dear authors and participants of IEEE JCC 2020,
   IEEE JCC 2020 and the co-located conferences will be postponed to summer 2020 due to the Covid-19 outbreak. The exact new date of the conference will be announced very soon. Making this decision has not been easy. This decision was made by the joint steering committee of the co-located conferences after numerous discussions and telephone calls, several rounds of consultations with IEEE's Event Organisation Team, and renegotiations with the venue host. We have taken into consideration the current state and predictions officially announced by the UK government and many other countries. We have carefully compared various options, such as running the conferences online, completely canceling the conferences, and running it as it was scheduled plus online presentations for those who cannot attend, etc., assessed the impacts on both the academic and scientific quality of our event, the health and well-beings of conference delegates, as well as the financial viability. We believe that this is the most responsible reaction to the current situation of Covid-19 outbreak. We hope you will support this decision and all work together to make the conferences a success despite of the difficulty we are facing.
   If anyone planning to attend the conference needs a refund, all refund requests must be made on the registration website. This is the refund policy for the registration fees and accommodation bookings:
    ●   Authors’ registrations cannot be refunded. Authors who still cannot attend the conference in person at the postponed dates due to good reasons will be allowed to present their work online remotely.
    ●   Non-author registrations can be refunded upon request, but will have to be deducted by 10% of the registration fees to cover the cost of bank transactions and online registration facility usage fees.
    ●   Accommodation bookings can be refunded upon request, but also have to be deducted by 10% of the booking price to cover the cost of bank transactions and online registration facility usage fees.
    ●   For non-author registrations and accommodation bookings, please consider to delay your refund request until you finally decide not to attend, because if you make a future registration for the postponed event or accommodation booking after the refund, it will be treated as a new booking by the registration tool.
   We are committed to run the conference successfully.
   Best Wishes,
   The organizing committee of IEEE JCC 2020

Feb 9, 2020:

Travel Safety and Medical Guidelines
  The participant safety and well-being of IEEE JCC 2020 is the most important thing. In order to guarantee the travel safety, IEEE provides the following resources that include information and recommendations on the coronavirus:
    ●   World Health Organization (
    ●   Centers for Disease Control (
    ●   National Health Commission of the People’s Republic of China (

Jan 30, 2020:

The registration and accommodation booking online website is now open ( It is better for the authors to finish registrations by 14 Feb. The authors who need a visa letter, please contact the Local Organization Chair of JCC 2020 Prof. Hong Zhu ( as soon as possible and provide the following information: (a) Given name and Surname, (b) affiliations, (c) paper title and id, (d) registration number, (e) conference name.

Oct 4, 2019:

The conference application of IEEE JCC 2020 has been approved by IEEE Meetings, Conferences and Events (MCE).

Sep 28, 2019:

Congratulations! The IEEE Computer Society Chair of the Conferences Activities Committee has approved the request for Financial Sponsorship of IEEE JCC 2020.

Sep 17, 2019:

The chair of the Business Informatics and Systems TC (TCBIS) has assigned the Statement of Benefits (SOB) for IEEE JCC 2020.

Sep 3, 2019:

We have initialized our EasyChair installation for IEEE JCC 2020. The submission web page for IEEE JCC 2020 is

Aug 28, 2019:

The conference registration application for the IEEE International Conference On Joint Cloud Computing (IEEE JCC) has been submitted successfully to IEEE. The conference record is #49151.

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Basic Introduction to JCC

  • What is JCC?

    JointCloud Computing (JCC) is a new cloud computing paradigm - it is also referred to as Hybrid-Cloud, Inter-Cloud, Multi-Cloud, Cloud Federation, Supercloud, Cross-Cloud and Cloud Service Broker) etc. JointCloud computing supports bilateral or multilateral collaboration among various cloud participants (such as providers, consumers, agents, regulators, etc.) at different levels of traditional cloud (such as IaaS, PaaS, SaaS, DaaS, etc.) in a mutually beneficial manner to meet the major challenges facing the development of cloud computing.

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Important Notice Welcome to the IEEE International Conferences of SOSE/BDS/MC/ DAPPS/AITest/JCC 2020