Table of JCC Contents

JCC ONLINE 1: Schedulers and Security for JointCloud
JCC ONLINE 2: ML based resource management and performance optimization
JCC ONLINE 3 (7:30 - 09:00): Cache, stream computing, and algorithms for cloud systems
JCC ONLINE 4 (08:00) : Scalability for cloud-based microservices, blockchain, and ML systems

Table of SOSE Contents

SOSE 1: Microservices: Architectures and Analysis (100 Minutes)
SOSE 2: Analysis and Test
SOSE 3: Cloud Computing: Architectures and Network (60 Minutes)

Table of BigDataServices Contents

BDS 1: Big Data for Healthcare and Social Networks 1 - ONLINE
BDS 3: Big Data Analytics and Machine Learning 1

Table of MobileCloud Contents

MobileCloud 1

Table of DAPPS Contents

CISOSE INVITED 1: Testing and Quality Assurance
CISOSE INVITED 2: Safety, Security and Trustworthness
CISOSE INVITED 3: Cloud of Things Chair: Iraklis Varlamis
CISOSE INVITED 4: Creative Computing

Table of AITest Contents

AiTest 1: AI test applications and mesaurement
AiTest 2: AI Test Generation
AiTest 3: New Approahes for AI Test
AiTest ONLINE: AI Test Quality
AiTest 4: Test Selecction and Prioritization for AI Test